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Through the mail tips and a sample letter

Here are some tips for sending about to athletes

  1. Always keep your letter short and to the point, but don't be rude. Preferably write your letters, or if you have bad hand writing type them. Also, keep your letter no longer than a page.
  2. You may want to include something for them to sign, they are very busy, and dont need to go looking around for something to sign for you.
  3. Always include a self addressed stamped envelope(S.A.S.E.)-This is an envelope you addressed to yourself with postage on it, for the celebrity to return your hopefully signed item back to you. If you dont include one, you may not get your item back signed, or even back at all.
  4. Be patient. Celebrities are busy people. It may take up to 8 months, or even a year for the return of your now signed item.

Here is a sample letter

Dear  (Name of Athlete),

          My name is _______________ and I am ___ years old. My favorite sport is baseball, and you are one of my favorite players on the (Name of Team)   I think you are an excellent (Player's Position).  I am a huge fan of you, and admire you a lot. You are truly an amazing athlete.

          I know that you are very busy, but it would mean so much to me if you could sign the (Item/s enclosed) for me. It would be such an honor to have something signed by a great ball player such as yourself. 

          I have also enclosed a self addressed stamped envelope for your convenience, if you find time to respond. Thank you for taking time to read my letter. I hope you have a great season!


(Your Name)

I hope these tips help!

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